2 years ago

My MSN account has been hacked? How to recover it

Are you struggling with this problem: “My MSN account has been hacked?” If yes, MSN technical support can help you recover your hacked account.

There are numerous ways in which you can recover your msn account, if it has been hacked—at least you think it has been hacked. Let us see what those different ways are.

Perform the following steps to find your MSN email account:

1. Visit your secondary email account (if you have one). Enter the terms MSN email in the Search bar of the account to get the relevant results. This may work because when you set up an MSN email account, MSN needs you to provide another email account; MSN sends the login credentials for your new account to that account. Therefore, you may get access to your login password.

2. Visit the official MSN email website at www.hotmail.com, if you have not been able to find the needed information for your MSN email account at other places.

3. Click Forgot Password that is below the login screen. The next screen appears with the Forgot log in link. Click that link.

4.  Enter the relevant details including your first name and last name, security question’s answer, and others when MSN asks the same. Once you have been able to provide the same answers or details that are recorded or are on file, you will receive your log in and password information.

Perform the following steps to recover your MSN email account:

1. Reset or change your password: ensure to create a strong password consisting of special symbols, lowercase and uppercase letters, and numbers. Use the Password Checker provided by Microsoft to test the new password before using the same. Don’t use common dictionary words in your password, as that can be exploited by hackers quite a lot.

2. Change your account settings: go to Options. Click Your email accounts in Managing your account, Reply-to address in Writing email, Sending automated vacation replies in Managing your account, and Email forwarding in Managing your account. Click Save to save the settings made.

3. Remove all malware and viruses before resetting your password: ensure to switch to the latest version of the antivirus program that is installed on your system. Scan your whole computer system and clean your PC from all viruses and malware. Most hackers get access to your login credentials by means of malware installed on your computer system.

4. Restore deleted contacts and emails: go to Outlook.com, and select the Deleted folder. In addition, select recover deleted messages located at the bottom of the window. This puts your recovered messages in the Deleted folder; however, any messages not recovered are lost forever.

5. Prevent future hacks: to prevent any future hacks occurring within your account, obtain specific information from MSN technical support.

Further, contact MSN technical support for receiving more solutions on the problem: “My MSN account has been hacked?” You can talk to professionals for getting troubleshooting instructions as well.